Kitchens that breathe

Kitchen extraction systems
for small and large catering

Since 2013, we have been working with professional kitchen manufacturers, design firms and contractors to ensure any kitchen environment has the most efficient and innovative air extraction and air treatment systems.

Large and small catering

Canteens and meal centers

Food laboratories and GDOs

Gastronomies and delicatessens

Community Kitchens

Private residences

Cooking Schools

From inspection to testing. Turnkey solutions for kitchen extraction.

Preliminary analysis of feasibility

A preliminary assessment of the client's needs useful in identifying the most suitable technological solutions and estimating a spending budget.

Site inspection

Site inspection is indispensable for evaluating every aspect of the kitchen environment, it allows us to build on your needs the best possible solution


Each component of the system is selected and sized based on the feedback generated by the site inspection

Installation and testing

They are performed by our teams of specialized technicians who, upon successful testing, issue the certificates required by law

Support service

We are always available to you after testing, for system modifications or expansions, and for routine technical assistance

What kind of aspirating element are you thinking of?

Hood or ceiling. With or without air compensation.

Extraction Hoods

Independent aspirating elements dedicated to the various cooking systems that make up the kitchen system

Ventilated ceilings

The entire ceiling becomes a single ventilated ceiling, which is also functional when reconfiguring the kitchen system

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