Preliminary feasibility analysis

The initial contact is followed by a preliminary assessment of the client's needs. This will allow us to identify the technological solutions to be adopted and to identify a spending budget to be shared with the client. Should the budget turn out to be in line with the client's availability we will proceed with the site survey.

Site inspection

We always focus the utmost attention to the inspection, which is essential for objectively assessing the kitchen environment and suggesting the optimal solution to the customer. The inspection clarifies what can be done from a technical point of view, putting us in a position to respond to the actual needs of the area for which the extraction system is intended. During the inspection, the customer receives any clarification regarding:

  • different kind of aspirating systems that can be realized
  • features of our hoods and our aspirating ceilings
  • The characteristics of the machines that make up the aspiration system
  • correct dimensioning of ducts, motors, hoods, and air flows to extract smokes and smells in a balanced way


Planning phase consists of sizing the aspiration system and each of its components. The data collected during the inspection are processed and analyzed considering the dimension of the room, the kitchen equipment present, the size of the dampers, the motors and the air changes per hour. Evolved technical drawing software (Autocad and specific software dedicated to aeraulics) allow us to define the project in every detail, to obtain executive layouts that include:

  • selection of the model and type of the exhaust hood or ventilation ceiling
  • sizing of the exhaust motor fans
  • sizing of the U.T.A.'s.
  • distribution and sizing of aeraulic ductings.e
  • specifications of the works required for the planned aspiration system

Installation and testing

Installation is preceded by an on-site operational inspection: an additional on-site verification of measurements and arrangements that precedes delivery of the system. Assembly is carried out by our teams of specialized technicians and is certified in accordance with the law. After assembly is completed, we provide for testing and start-up of the system, and delivery to the client. At the same time with the aspirating system we deliver all necessary technical documentation, related to each component of the aspiration system.

After sale service

No project can be considered finished with the delivery of the plant. Even after testing and commissioning, we remain at the customer's disposal for any modifications or expansions that may be necessary and for routine and extraordinary technical assistance .
Our after-sales services include:

  • Technical assistance on all components of the installed systems
  • scheduled maintenance plan
  • prompt intervention in case of emergencies
  • Calibration/balancing or modification/expansion work on the existing system to adapt it to changes in the kitchen